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You can collaborate with the International Bank of Educational Objects (BIOE) on:

sending only the Resources you hold rights to they can be sent on CD-ROM, DVD or other media - by mail or in person at the address:

Ministério da Educação

Secretaria de Educação Básica - SEB

Coordenação Geral de Mídias e Conteúdos Digitais - CGMID

Esplanada dos Ministérios, Anexo II, 2° andar - sala 213 Cep 70.047-900 Brasília – DF

Apart from the Resources themselves, a signed copy of the License Grant is required. Also, a list with all the Resources' Titles should be enclosed. The model is available at request. Please send us an email.

Publishing the resources directly in the International Bank of Educational Objects repository: this function is being developed and will soon be available.